Website Continuation Survey

We seem to have reached a turning point in our website since the surplus cash from the reunion ticket sales has run out and we have to start fundraising in order to keep our STFX80 website active. With close to 140 active members, that should not be a problem since the fees are less than $100/year. The bigger question is if we still want the website, if people see value in its use and if they will actually use it. This survey is designed to help us to get at some of these questions.

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1)   * From my perspective, I think the STFX80 website

  Is awesome and I want to keep it going
  Is a waste of time and should be taken down
2)   * I understand the website costs money and

  I am going to donate some money right now to show my support
  I am waiting for the US dollar to come down a bit and then I will donate
  I am happy letting other people waste their money
3)   * I know that managing a website takes time

  And I want to help - please contact me at
  But my technical skills would only make matters worse
  And that is just one more reason why this site should go offline